Frank Ocean Lays the Lyrical Smack Down on Chris Brown

Slightly tired of people writing songs about Chris Brown being an asshole instead of hitting him so hard that his teeth and tattoos fall off, but I guess Frank Ocean’s remix of “Versace” by Migos will have to do.

You all remember when Chris got into Frank’s face over a parking spot then Frank won a Grammy and Chris didn’t stand up because he was lime green jello?

I mean, I can’t hate on Ocean for turning at Taylor Swift Ln and Adele Pkwy because the line “I’m not Liberace/you could stay seated I’m taking that Grammy/your music is sloppy” is just too good and venting frustrations through art is mature high road-taking behavior or whatever.

In other lyrically damning news, Ms. Lana Del Rey, queen of Summertime Sadness and flower crowns, apparently wrote a song saying that Lady Gaga was booed off stages before selling twenty million records because she sounds like a man and can’t sing a lick.  Continue reading “Frank Ocean Lays the Lyrical Smack Down on Chris Brown”

Funny Video: Mister Rogers Remixed

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a “funny video” so much as just an awesome video.

I used to watch old episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood at my grandma’s house, along with Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow. Which is why me and my fellow 80’s-born brethren are smarter than the iCarly and Hannah Montana crowd.  Continue reading “Funny Video: Mister Rogers Remixed”

Rihanna And Chris Brown Release Dueling Remixes

Chris Brown is on a Rihanna song (the “Birthday Cake” remix) and Rihanna is on a Chris Brown track (“Turn Up The Music” remix) both of which were released yesterday.

Brown encouraged people to buy his music on Twitter and wrote things like “Number one trend! IM DONE” and “Just so teambreezy knows… I’m never ‘ANGRY’ when I speak my mind on twitter! They want me to be mad! Thats the difference! Love.”  Continue reading “Rihanna And Chris Brown Release Dueling Remixes”

Video: Chris Brown – “Niggas In Paris” Feat. T-Pain

Happy Halloween from Chris Brown, here’s his n-words in Paris freestyle remix video for a song that was featured on Jay-Z and Kanye’s Watch The Throne. Also, Chris Brown as a werewolf! Makes sense.

Now we’ve seen Drake (on SNL) and Chris Brown as wolves. Who pulls it off the best?  [You got skeletons in your closet/I got aliens in my basement]

Dear Britney: Remix Albums Are Useless

Britney Spears‘ second remix album is due for release on October 11, 2011. It features remixes from Femme Fatale, Circus and Blackout. (All the albums since she went crazy)

She announced the remix effort titled B In The Mix: The Remixes Vol. 2 on her Twitter page yesterday

Let me just remind you that remix albums never sell well and remixes in general feel like an admittance of previous wrongdoing.

ALSO the “Till The World Ends” remix featuring Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha is missing? Shame. That one was actually genius.

Continue reading “Dear Britney: Remix Albums Are Useless”