Awwww, Gentle Giant James Cromwell Arrested For Being a Crazy Cat Lady

James CromwellI’m not one of those people who thinks Martin Sheen is the president or that Angelina Jolie raids tombs in her spare time (though that could actually be true). I know the difference between reality and fiction, BUT I do have to say that I was starting to associate James Cromwell with evil after I saw him cut Chloe Sevigny’s legs off in American Horror Story: Asylum.

In wonderful news, the nice tall man from Babe (and well-meaning but insane conspiracy theorist in Six Feet Under) was handcuffed Thursday morning for protesting unnecessary cat research at University of Wisconsin.

While it makes me nervous that some guy from PETA was involved, I think it’s weirdly cute and amazing that Cromwell burst into a board meeting screaming “This is not science!”  Continue reading “Awwww, Gentle Giant James Cromwell Arrested For Being a Crazy Cat Lady”

Artificial ‘Medusoid’ Jellyfish Zapped To Life

Professor Kevin Kit Parker and bioengineering researchers John Dabiri and Janna Nawroth have teamed up to create a jellyfish made of rat muscle cells. You heard right, the Medusoid jellyfish is marine science’s answer to Frankenstein.

It was “brought to life” with an electric shock and beats like a human heart, without needing batteries. This is a step that will benefit artificial hearts of the future. Dabiri says:

“Instead of heart valves made out of aluminum or plastic, they would be built out of your own biological material, your heart cells, your tissue, that makes it more biocompatable and potentially longer-lived.”

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If You Sit, You Die – New Study Kills Bloggers

I am completely fucked and so are you if your job consists of sitting at the computer, Googling memes and picking your nose until it bleeds.

Not that I ever thought sitting down was great cardio, but a new study is suggesting that sitting for three hours a day or more can cut two years off your life.

Author Peter Katzmarzyk says that on average, “Americans report they sit between four and a half to five hour a day” and that research proves that physical activity is key.

I still don’t understand whether or not this means that I can still sit as long as I also exercise, but I assume the answer is no. What I hear when I read this is…  Continue reading “If You Sit, You Die – New Study Kills Bloggers”

Scientists To Implement Artificial ‘Hose’ Volcano

In an effort to cool the climate, engineers and scientists in the U.K. will test the effects of an artificial volcano this October.

The test consists of pumping water into the atmosphere with a giant hose, as part of a larger scheme against global warming, to manipulate the earth’s environment.

The mock volcano is called “Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering,” or S.P.I.C.E….

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