The New ‘Evil Dead’ Trailer Could Almost Make a Hardcore Horror Fan Cringe

Evil Dead demonNon-horror and horror fans alike have at least heard of the Sam Raimi’s 1981 directorial debut, The Evil Dead. Most would call its self-deprecating cult classic sequels, Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness, more memorable.

All starred Bruce Campbell as animated corpse-slayer Ash Williams, and all had moments of black comedy.

The restricted preview for the remake, produced by Raimi and Campbell and helmed by first-timer Fede Alvarez, is lacking the humor, but not the gore.  Continue reading “The New ‘Evil Dead’ Trailer Could Almost Make a Hardcore Horror Fan Cringe”

Ridley Scott Unhappy With MPAA And R-Rated Prometheus

Ridley Scott’s anticipated Prometheus has received its expected R-rating. Though Scott is known for films that require people under the age of 17 to be accompanied by an adult (Hannibal, American Gangster), he feels the MPAA should get their act together.

“Films this year that have got PG-13 ratings — it’s absolutely fucking ludicrous,” he told Thompson on Hollywood at a Q&A in April.

The movie contains “sci-fi violence including some intense images, and brief language.” He is no doubt frustrated, for the millionth time, that another of his projects may lose money because of a limited audience.

Well Ridley, if it’s any consolation, me and hoards of fans might be a little concerned for the quality of anything with ‘a connecting vein’ to the very first Alien that WASN’T rated R.