Alex P. Keaton’s Triumphant Return To NBC

I watched Family Ties after its run on NBC from 1982 (before my time) to 1989 (three years after birth), but let me summarize. The show told the tale of a lovable teenage Republican, his liberal parents and typically impervious sisters Mallory (Justin Bateman) and Jennifer (Tina Yothers).

It may be hard for you to not think of Fox as the hoverboard-riding Marty McFly or the man who gave a face to Parkinson’s, but I instantly picture do-gooder Alex P. Keaton when I hear that Michael J. Fox is returning to NBC for a new sitcom that will be based loosely on his life.

Until I hear snobby approval from the mass conglomerate known as the internet that Matthew Perry’s Go On (a return to his staple network) doesn’t suck, I’ll be watching Family Ties on Netflix. Waiting.

The Return of Sailor Moon?????

I’m literally about to shit unicorns. My favorite childhood obsession Sailor Moon will be making an international return in the Summer of 2013. I’ve always wanted it to come back with new animation. It’s been 20 years since the first episode aired! Hopefully this time they cater it to adults.

Half of the people reading this are probably thinking “wait wtf is a sailor moon” well Google and YouTube it mofos. Waste half your life obsessing over it like I did. You get to see teenage girls spinning around naked on the coolest acid trip ever. No pedo… pedo.

It’s also the first epic love story of our century, Bella and Edward don’t got nothing on Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon. There’s love, hate, death, violence, friendship……it’s pretty much like the short lifespan of my semen.
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Kiefer Sutherland’s Return To Fox

Fox has already ordered 13 episodes of a Touch, a new show starring my favorite blonde Canadian vampire, Kiefer Sutherland.

Sutherland plays the role of a father of a young mute boy (David Mazouz) who can predict the future.

The show is a project by Heroes creator Tim Kring, and it will air on Thursdays in Spring of 2012.

Sutherland is not the only veteran actor enlisted, Danny Glover will star as a professor who works with gifted children…

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Daria May Be Returning To MTV? Gasp.


After the definite return of Beavis And Butthead, with preview footage and an October air date scheduled, people are wondering if there is achance for a Daria reunion. And you’ll be thrilled to know that there is certainly a chance.

At the Television Conference Critics Association panel for Beavis And Butthead on July 29th, Van Toffler, the president of MTV Networks Music Group was asked about a possible new season of Daria. He responded by saying,

“Daria still airs on MTV2 and Logo now and it’s done quite well on both…We’ve talked to the creators and there’s not as long a shot as you might think that Daria might be back on one of our channels.”

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