Video: Aimee Mann – “Charmer” Feat. Laura Linney

Aimee Mann has been making music for at least 29 years, before I was born, perhaps before you were born as well. Her latest video for the single “Charmer” focuses on a topic that was relevant in 1982 and still is now – robots!

Academy Award-nominated Laura Linney plays a mail-order cyborg version of Mann, all bespeckled and stiff-armed. Learning chords never looked so fun.  Continue reading “Video: Aimee Mann – “Charmer” Feat. Laura Linney”

There Are Cyborgs On ‘Breaking Bad’ Now (Spoilers)

Okay, obviously the thing I’m about to spoil isn’t the fact that there are robots on Breaking Bad, it’s a show about a high school teacher who starts cooking meth, not some Star Wars fantasy.

The season 4 finale of AMC’s hit show had a very surprising ending, our protagonist Walter White finally sees his mortal enemy Gus Fring get what he deserves, though the scene left me visually shocked and perturbed…

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Lady Gaga’s “Yoü & I” Video Revealed

The “You & I” video was premiered today (on Madonna’s birthday!) as Mother Monster’s promised 1000th tweet. I’m not sure if my screen is broken or what but right now the video has 302 views??? WHAT?? It’s been out for several hours what is going on?

…Honestly it’s more like the “I & I” video has been revealed. Lady Gaga’s male alter-ego Jo Calderone makes an appearance in the video, smoking and looking hysterical. Also turquoise Gaga, long and short black-head Gaga, Blonde Gaga and horny flopping-mermaid Gaga, of indistinguishable color.

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