Marion Cotillard’s French Tatas (No, Not Potatoes)

Inception actress Marion Cotillard, 36, was caught dipping her french fries in the ocean on the set of the foreign orca/amputee (I’m as confused as you are)film Rust And Bone, due in 2012. And, yes Beavis, I said “bone.”

There it is, disappointing, mostly-covered Oscar-winning (for La Vie En Rose) water-immersed knockers, yesterday’s news, errr day before. Do you feel better or worse about your life after reading this?

I feel worse, because I wrote it.

If you had to caption this photo in a humorous way, what would you write?

I know she’s making a horrid face like her thighs just disintegrated, but I can’t think of anything funny to say about it.