Ryan Seacrest Shaved His Beard

Julianne hough swimmingCowgirl Julianne Hough is “taking a break” from being Idol doormat, Kardashian zookeeper and On Air host Ryan Seacrest’s beard. Seacrest and Hough are reportedly no longer live together in the mansion he purchased from Ellen DeGeneres last year because of his busy schedule.

Word has it, Hough could not handle the fact that her sleek, well-groomed man-seal was mysteriously absent from the bedroom. “He never sleeps,” an insider told Us Weekly, adding that she couldn’t handle his “lifestyle.”

Origin story: after turning 18 and briefly dating Dane Cook, Julianne was pursued by Ryan. She thought he was gay, but dating Cook was enough for her to say yes to the ‘crest.

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Dictator Dumps Ashes Down Seacrest’s Blouse

Sacha Baron Cohen made a big stink about being invited to the Academy Awards and being able to walk the red carpet as his latest faux-documentary prankster, Admiral Aladeen.

The green light he received allowed him to do something that is frowned upon within the industry, but, for a viewer it’s a non-dusty Pecan Sandy treat for the eyes. At the 2012 Oscars the bearded 6’3″ Sasha poured an urn full of ashes right down little Ryan Seacrest’s Burberry tuxedo.

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