Salt Lake Beauty Queen Gets Bored, Throws Bombs

Kendra Gill beauty queen utah bombKendra Gill, aka Miss Riverton 2013, apparently couldn’t handle the boredom of being surrounded by Mormons and decided the best hobby to take up would be terrorism.

The 18-year-old Salt Lake County beauty queen and her three equally blonde deadbeat friends were arrested over the weekend for throwing homemade bombs out of a car at “property and people,” according to authorities.

The good Capt. Clint Mecham, whose team is handling the investigation, wisely pointed out the teens could have blown their extremities and the extremities of others right the fuck off.

“They could have lost their lives, fingers, hands,” Mecham told CNN. “It’s not a very smart thing to do all around.”  Continue reading “Salt Lake Beauty Queen Gets Bored, Throws Bombs”