These Photos of the Boeing 777 Crash in San Francisco are Insane

san francisco airplane crash 2013
A plane coming into San Francisco from Seoul, South Korea across the Pacific Ocean skidded and ignited after a failed landing this morning that left two dead and 181 in need of medical attention.

Multiple sources for the L.A. Times have stated that that pilot did not make a distress call before the crash.
boing 777 plane crash
“I know the airport pretty well, so I realized the guy was a bit too low, too fast, and somehow he was not going to hit the runway on time,” one passenger told a local news station.

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5 Things To Know About Super Bowl XLVII

ravens football headline 2012 super bowlSF Chronicle 49ers win 2013
Here’s the truth, I don’t know anything about the Super Bowl that a devout football fan doesn’t.

I can say that I predicted that the Ravens would beat the favorited Patriots in the AFC Championship, but really this is Super Bowl XLVII for dummies, girls and nerds. 101.

1. Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh

Harbaugh brothers Jim and John aren’t the first blood-relatives in coaching history. (Let’s not forget grease trains Rex and Rob Ryan and basketball’s Stan and Jeff Van Gundy.) Interestingly, they are the first brothers to coach against each other in the Super Bowl.  Continue reading “5 Things To Know About Super Bowl XLVII”

Guy Named ‘Scott Wiener’ Proposes Public Nudity Ban in San Francisco

I’m flabbergasted by the local non-fixation on flapping foreskin and lady bumps in San Francisco, and even more surprised that a law that would require nudists to cover their buttholes and genitals in public areas might not pass because certain folks think it’s sucking the character out of their beloved naked city.

We have a thing in my state called the Oregon Country Fair that I was dragged to in 8th grade. Needless to say, the hippies are abundant. Translation: the effects of age on the fully exposed human body were quite visible to my young, horrified eyes.

It’s just not something you can’t look at.

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‘Biggest Loser’ Star Suffers Serious Fall

Season 9 cast member of NBC’s Biggest Loser Sam Poueu suffered a broken leg, torn ligaments and a punctured lung after falling several stories out of a building.

The 26-year old Samoan-born reality star was hospitalized and in critical condition in San Francisco over the weekend.

One positive turn came in the form of an update posted by his cousin, Koli Palu, who let us know…

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