Merry Christmas! Here’s a Cat Dressed as Santa…

cat dressed as santaErm, I just wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and remind you that I am a crazy cat lady who still adores all 3 of her fans (mom and brother + one friend?) with this photo of a feline Santa, beard and all.

And because I’m random as all hell and think you’re all psychologically disturbed for tricking innocent kids, here’s a wonderful article about a distressed mother being totally dishonest after her children discovered presents in the attic and nearly stopped believing in Santa.

Best excerpt, via The New York Times:

In addition to being a mom, I am a behavioral neuroscientist, a professor and a generally serious-minded, reality-based person. So what in the world had I just done? Why did I invent this incredible story in a desperate bid to protect my daughters’ belief in Santa, instead of seizing it as a teachable moment to tell them the truth?

Your milk is sour and your cookies taste like lies! Love, a Grinch who is far too lazy to steal trees.

Santa, Santa Claus Spoofs James, James Bond

Santa Claus James BondAfter a horrible tragedy like the one in Connecticut, laughter keeps us sane, and if Martin Short and Saturday Night Live can’t get us there, Santa “The Slay Man” Claus in Snowfall might.

In the video, posted by Official Comedy, Kris Kringle talks decking the halls with brains and sliding down a woman’s fireplace.

If that one doesn’t get a chuckle, try my new favorite song and visual accompaniment, “Dear Santa (Bring Me A Man This Christmas)” by “It’s Raining Men” hitmakers The Weather Girls. Continue reading “Santa, Santa Claus Spoofs James, James Bond”