Latin Hottie Naya Rivera is Dying to be on the Radio

Naya Rivera RollingstoneGlee’s Naya Rivera is the hottest Latin girl, according to Rolling Stone, who put Naya on the flipside of November’s Lou Reed tribute issue.

Super bendy gumby woman from Glee tells RS that she hates going to sleep without her engagement ring from Big Sean (“My finger just feels naked”) and expresses her dreams of becoming a big hit on the radio once her debut album is released in 2014.

“Get on or get off. I think this is a summer song, and I want it on the radio by the end of the summer,” Rivera says of her label’s handling of the single  “Sorry” featuring Big Sean, which just got a lyric video.

Nothing against her voice or legs or anything (best character on Glee by far) but she seems like someone who will have a sex tape in about… oh, I dunno, three months? People that in love are always careless with their personal videos.


Demi Lovato Playing Santana’s Love Interest on ‘Glee’

Demi Lovato Naya Rivera kissI suppose Naya Rivera and Demi Lovato have little in common besides being famous Latina women with strange names, but during season 5 of Glee they will share a duet, a dance and probably even a kiss.

It was confirmed last Sunday by Rivera that the 21-year-old “Heart Attack” singer will be playing her struggling artist girlfriend. “She’s playing my love interest so I’m very, very excited about that,” she said.

Does anyone watch Glee for any other reason than Santana at this point? She’s the best singer with the best lines but I fear her career will end after the show because movie and TV casting directors are idiots.

I’m STILL obsessed with her and Amber Riley doing Adele + Brandy and Monica.

Santana Is The New Proactiv Spokeslady

Naya Rivera is joining the likes of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne as the new face of Proactiv acne treatment products. Apparently her skin wasn’t as perfect as her dialogue on Glee. She even claims to have sought the company out herself,

“I had adult acne and saw drastic improvements after I started using Proactiv, I decided I wanted to be their spokesperson because I really believe in their products and here I am. You will see the before pictures. I had really bad acne and had to wear makeup to cover it up.”

She says her favorite products are the 3-Step System, the Makeup Cleansing Wipes, the Green Tea Moisturizer and the Oil Blotter Sheets.

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