Fifty Shades Of Sasha Grey

Retired porn star/Entourage actress Sasha Grey is cashing in on the erotic novel craze brought on by E.L. James’ Fifty Shades Of Grey. And who better to compete with that franchise than a woman who starred in over 200 adult movies?

Deadline reports that Grand Central Publishing and Little, Brown UK have offered her a publication deal for an erotic novel called The Juliette Society.

“For the very first time I can create my own world, my own characters, my own story, and express my own vision with publishers who are just as passionate about the subject matter as I am,” Grey said in a statement.  Continue reading “Fifty Shades Of Sasha Grey”

Porn Stars Reading To Children? Awesome!

I mean it too, it’s awesome. I have no problem with Sasha Grey or any other porn star reading to children as long as they’re not reading scripts from their adult movies, unless it’s nap time, cause those are really really boring.

This discussion comes from the fact that Sasha Grey, who recently dropped her “Butt Sex Bonanza” career to pursue other things, volunteered for Read Across America and was placed at Emerson elementary school in Compton, CA on November 2nd.

So, amidst her attempts as acting (she landed a role on Entourage, as herself) she’s spending time with children. Who cares? Apparently, everyone. The actual school that she spent the day at is denying she was ever there, though Grey Tweeted it, and TMZ has pictures.

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