Women in Dubai are Bumping and Poofing Under Their Scarves

Camel Hump hairI pity your funny bone if you never saw the God-awful infomercial for Bumpits, catered to women who want to look like Nancy Grace, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, or any lady from a 90’s soap opera.

In it, we hear a woman screaming bloody murder as a voiceover asks if you’re tired of “flat, boring hairstyles.” It’s almost better than Shake Weight and Ahh Bra. Mostly because leaving the “p” out  of “bump” and “its” literally spells “BUM-PITS.”

Like your bum is a pit, or your pit is a bum. Get away from me. You smell.

Now that we’ve covered all that (and because I live to bring you the latest trends from around the world), let me tell you about how Dubai women are taking big hair to new levels.

(If you haven’t figured out by now that they’re using makeshift Bumpits, we can’t be friends.) Continue reading “Women in Dubai are Bumping and Poofing Under Their Scarves”

Queen Elizabeth Is Ridin’ Dirty In A Range Rover

Used to seeing Queen Elizabeth II in pastel frocks with matching hats and gloves? We all are.

The woman uncommonly known as Elizabeth Alexandra Mary shed her queen attire on the way back from a hunt in Balmoral in exchange for what the internet is calling a “hoodie.”

She hasn’t been a princess since 1952, but she’s getting her badass on like a rebellion-fueled youth of royal lineage, photographed by the Scottish press in a Land Rover looking like a weathered gangster that you still don’t want to fuck with.  Continue reading “Queen Elizabeth Is Ridin’ Dirty In A Range Rover”