Matt Damon had a Tough Decision to Make During Those Steamy Michael Douglas Sex Scenes…

Matt Damon Michael Douglas romanceBehind the Candelabra, based on the relationship between Scott Thorson (played by Matt Damon) and pianist Liberace (Michael Douglas), does not include an “explicit sex scene” or any nudity besides Damon’s ass, but there is a kissing scene that I assume took a good 20 minutes or more to film.

Executive producer Jerry Weintraub said the film was made to “show how we’ve grown” as a nation and how homosexuality (I feel like a conservative when I say that word) has lost some of its social stigma since 1977.

The stigma thing becomes especially apparent when we hear Michael Douglas making jokes about flavored lip gloss while Matt Damon laughs about having something in common with Sharon Stone and Glenn Close.

“I forgot it was Matt and me after about 10 minutes and then I forgot it was two guys,” Douglas told People. “But I would tease Matt about which flavor lip gloss he’d like for me to use!” …So now you know…
matt damon swimming pool gif thong liberace behind the candelabra
Matt Damon’s biggest obstacle during the love scenes was deciding between raspberry and peach.

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Ryan Murphy and the Cast of ‘Glee’ Pour Cheez Whiz all Over Patrick Swayze’s Grave

Glee pottery sceneRyan Murphy has done some great things in his life.

I could make a case for Nip/Tuck and the first season of American Horror Story, but he’s also busted out some ultra steamy broccoli turds like Eat Pray Love.

I pity anyone who’s still holding onto the memory of Glee being a well-written show about misfits who occasionally burst into song.

Sometime after the second season, Murphy decided to focus less on the pithy dialogue, and give everyone’s all-time favorite character Sue Sylvester LESS screen time in favor of MORE singing.

Of the many reachy attempts to appeal to the audience (e.g. covering every popular song on the radio including viral hits like Psy’s highly unsingable “Gangnam Style”), the reenactment of the pottery scene from Ghost has to be the worst.  Continue reading “Ryan Murphy and the Cast of ‘Glee’ Pour Cheez Whiz all Over Patrick Swayze’s Grave”

Kristen Stewart’s Topless Scene From ‘On The Road’ (NSFW)

Nudity in movies can either be seen as desperate or artsy, sometimes both.

Many might call Kristen Stewart‘s topless handjob scene in Walter Salles’ adaptation of Kerouac’s On The Road desperate because it arrives after her cheating scandal, which was really just another excuse for people who already hated Kristen Stewart to hate her more.  Continue reading “Kristen Stewart’s Topless Scene From ‘On The Road’ (NSFW)”

Who Wants To See Michael Fassbender’s Peen?

I dunno if anyone is interested in seeing Magneto’s Peen, NOT Ian McKellen, Michael Fassbender. The younger of the helmet-wearing kings of metal telekinesis. Speaking of helmets…

This movie, Shame, I’m still not sure if I want to see it. Am I going to end up shattered and torn like when I walked out of Martha Marcy May Marlene? I think I crapped out my soul after that one. Plus this mean lady told me to “grow up” after I snickered during a slow-motion skinny dipping scene with dramatic music.

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Naked True Blood Recap (NSFW)

Today’s episode of True Blood, like many others, had its fair share of nudity, perhaps the most from Anna Paquin that we’ve ever seen. Eric and Sookie drink eachother’s blood and go on one of those V-trips that we’ve become familiar with after season 1, where Jason (Ryan Kwanten) and Amy (Lizzie Caplan) laid around topless, devouring vials of V as if they were In-N-Out cheeseburgers.

NOW Sookie (Paquin) and newly reformed vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) are living together, and swapping blood. What would the Department of Health And Human Services have to say about that? This show needs all sorts of disclaimers for people who are prone to become out of touch with reality.

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