Chinese Man Grows Nose on Forehead

nose head guy Ermagerd, a doctor in China surgically grew a new nose on the forehead of a 22-year-old man whose original nose became infected after a car accident. The procedure took place in the Southeastern Fujian province, and is said to be the first of its kind.

So what did you do today? Oh, that’s nice, but while you were grocery shopping or twerking on dwarves to “Thrift Shop,” OTHERS were growing noses on their foreheads, you know, being medical marvels.

I’d like to note that one American doctor who commented on the surgery said the cartilage is currently in its most sensitive state and may fall apart at any moment.  Continue reading “Chinese Man Grows Nose on Forehead”

Baby With HIV Cured Using ‘Aggressive’ Drugs Shortly After Birth

Dr. Hannah GayUniversity of Mississippi specialist Hannah Gay has confirmed that an infant patient previously diagnosed with HIV now shows no signs of the virus. The recovery has been attributed to the combination of three antiretroviral medications distributed just 30 hours following birth. The child, now nearing three years old, returned to Gay after being medically “off the grid” for two years. The doctor told the press that she was expecting the worst, and was astounded and thrilled when she ran tests concluding that the patient was no longer infected.

While medical experts nation and worldwide are calling this miraculous and game changing, they seem to agree that Gay’s method was rather bold considering the possible side effects of the drugs.  Continue reading “Baby With HIV Cured Using ‘Aggressive’ Drugs Shortly After Birth”

Aliens Discovered Near Volcanoes In New Zealand

National Geographic posted a variety of pictures of creatures discovered in Northern New Zealand in “Undersea mountains, continental slopes, canyons, and hydrothermal vents.”

The research area spanned 3,800 square miles around Kermadec Ridge and the species were both new and old to scientists. So maybe they’re not “aliens,” but close enough.

The polychaete worm (above) is a predator with projecting jaws. Other animals included squat lobsters, “Mickey Mouse” squid, “Hairy” crabs, black dragonfish, and tonguefish.  Continue reading “Aliens Discovered Near Volcanoes In New Zealand”