Rihanna Basically Wore No Clothes to a Fashion Award Show

Rihanna see through dressRihanna, one of the most-naked celebrities, is considered a fashion icon. Go figure. If fashion is ever-changing, then Rihanna – with her five unique hair styles a year and bottomless wardrobe – IS fashion (Tom Ford called her dearly departed Instagram account “the most important” thing in the industry), but she also has entire closets dedicated to bikinis and nipple pasties. 

Rihanna’s stripper’s paradise continued at the CFDA’s earlier today in New York, where she was presented with the Fashion Icon Award wearing a bedazzled shower cap, see-through strip of fabric by Adam Selma, and pinkish fur.

Perhaps the hat is more of a flapper head dress than synchronized swimwear, but who besides an asexual design student would even notice what’s going on above the neck?

CBS Wants to Ruin Any Remaining Shred of Fun at The Grammys

Crazy grammy dresses 2Good thing Lil’ Kim and Trey Parker have no reason to be at The Grammys this year. An email sent by CBS Standards and Practices to attending celebrities lists all the things they’re not allowed to wear.

No-nos includes “thong type costumes,” “sheer see-through clothing” and “brand name products on T-shirts.” One-piece tuxedos and turtlenecks are okay.

Problematic (and favorite) language in the memo, which was reportedly leaked by a low-level staffer, would have to be the redundant references to “female breast nipples” and “buttock crack.”

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Aisha Tyler Doesn’t Know Why She Wore This Dress

Aisha Tyler see through dress 1Actress, video game aficionado, Girl On Guy podcast creator, voice of Archer‘s Lana Kane and Self-Inflicted Wounds: How I Learned to Embrace the Epic Fail author Aisha Tyler roasted her fashion choices today during her other gig, on The Talk.

When discussing Megan Fox letting her husband pick out an outfit, Tyler admitted that she had no idea what she was thinking when she wore a see-through dress to the NAACP Image Awards without asking anyone’s opinion first.

(I don’t know exactly when she wore this, but it must have been sometime between 2001 and 2006.) Here are some of her comments on it…

“If you see this photo online, I don’t look gorgeous, I look like a who-re.”  Continue reading “Aisha Tyler Doesn’t Know Why She Wore This Dress”

Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [12-14-12]

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“Michael [Douglas] was a wonderful kisser.”Matt Damon, on filming the Liberace movie. (ONTD)

Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [11-13-12]

Kristen Stewart wears see-through dress to the premiere of the last Twilight movie. (Gawker)

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James Bond says dirty Rihanna would make a better Bond girl than Beyonce(E! Online)

3D One Direction concert film coming in late summer, 2013. (Huffington Post)

New diet: THE FANTINE: how Anne Hathaway lost 25 pounds to play a 19th century hooker. (Jezebel)