Jay-Z Look-Alike Wanted For New York Serial Murder

Police have a few leads on a serial killer that has been terrorizing Middle Eastern shopkeepers in Brooklyn. One of them is someone who looks an awful lot like partial Nets owner, Jay-Z.
This police sketch of a man with a buzz cut and sunglasses may or may not be the “Crazy 8 Killer” wanted for three murders in 2012, July 6, August 3 and November 16.  Continue reading “Jay-Z Look-Alike Wanted For New York Serial Murder”

Trailer: Frozen Ground

John Cusack plays a serial killer (based on real life-murderer Robert Hansen) who terrorizes young women in Alaska in the new movie Frozen Ground.

Number-one-best-actor-who-stars-in-the-worst-movies Nicolas Cage portrays the detective hot on Cusack’s murderous number-two-best-worst-actor trail.  Continue reading “Trailer: Frozen Ground”