Video: No Doubt – “Settle Down” Live At 2012 Teen Choice Awards

No Doubt has always been one of those bands that I love but have little desire to see in concert. Gwen Stefani with all her energy and style, excites about as much as Patrick Stump at a state fair.

I mean, this is colorful and fun with a few wavering ska vocals and out-of-sync guitar riffs but I’m still glad they’re back and am looking forward to Push and Shove (out September 24). Continue reading “Video: No Doubt – “Settle Down” Live At 2012 Teen Choice Awards”

Video: No Doubt – “Settle Down”

A string of singles from your favorite semi-long-lost bands came out in recent weeks. The Killers with “Runaways” (the song gives me worms), Green Day’s “Oh Love” (IBS) and my personal favorites, No Doubt and their unsurprisingly reggae-infused comeback song “Settle Down.”

They’re picking off right where they left off, with a song that feels like it fits well with their last album, 2001’s Rock Steady, and also Gwen’s two solo albums.  Continue reading “Video: No Doubt – “Settle Down””