Anthony Weiner Not Finished, More News to Come

Anthony Weiner memeIn today’s TMI news, we’ve learned more and more about Anthony Weiner than we ever wanted to. As if numerous dick pics weren’t enough, the woman involved with Weiner has claimed the politician is terrible at phone sex, and that she never had the chance to get off because Weiner would typically ejaculate after about 30 seconds.

Seriously dude, are you thirteen years old? Are you that horny? How have you not learned that phone sex is a beautiful thing that should be savored and last more than the length of a TV commercial?

The woman believed that she and Weiner were in love (LOL), but would often feel used after their phone sessions because she didn’t feel like she was getting any attention. I swear, politicians these days are such dicks.

Weiner has some long, hard days ahead – the hopeful mayor of New York City is in the midst of his second sex scandal, but he’s showing no signs of pulling out of the race.

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27-Year-Old NFL Cheerleader/English Teacher Admits She Had A ‘Romantic Relationship’ With A High School Student

The teacher Andy Samberg’s character slept with in That’s My Boy could almost be based on Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones, who recently plead guilty to sleeping with a 17-year-old.

Jones, 27, taught the boy at northern Kentucky high school early in 2011 and began an explicit relationship with him that involved sexting and actual sex.

Because of a plea deal, Sarah will spend absolutely no time in jail (because that would totally happen if it were a 27-year-old guy). On Monday, October 8 she left the courthouse holding hands with her now 18-year-old former student.

A happy ending, for him? Unless all that stuff about her having multiple venereal diseases from sleeping with every player in Cincinnati was true. But she’s a millionaire, so I’m sure she can afford a his and hers antibiotic lockers.

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