Dancing Shark is Real Super Bowl Winner

katy perry shark memeEven two years later, nothing beats Beyonce’s unflattering Super Bowl photos, but Katy Perry’s out-of-sync dancing shark, Wiimote and lion are trying their best.

Like the Packers against the Seahawks in the playoffs, Seattle had the game completely in the bag but failed, deciding to pass the ball at the end of the 4th with the end zone just inches from Marshawn Lynch’s face. Tom Brady jumped for joy as Russell Wilson threw the game-losing interception to Malcolm Butler, ending it at 28 to 24.  Continue reading “Dancing Shark is Real Super Bowl Winner”

Southerner Catches 948-Pound Tiger Shark

Holy prehistoric wiz-bangers Batman! It seems like giant animals are popping out of the woodwork on a continuous monthly basis.

Giant squids were confirmed as a species as late as 2006, and in 2012 we’ve already heard about a 20-foot crocodile, an ancient sturgeon, and a pregnant monster python.

Now, a 21-year-old Alabama native has fished a 14-foot tiger shark with a porpoise skeleton in its belly out of the sea. The catch fell short of his state’s record by a mere 40 pounds, but it’s still a terrifying vision…

Then again, so was the Tiger Shark caught by a kayaker in Maryland on August 15th. Keep in my mind that this is a relatively harmless/non-aggressive species (somehow I’m still hearing the Jaws theme on repeat).

Kayaker Emasculated By Harmless Basking Shark

A kayaker near Cape Cod, Massachusetts (Jaws was filmed just South of there) gained national attention after a photo surfaced of him being chased by what was presumed to be a great white shark.

Turns out, the finned stalker off Nauset Beach has recently been identified by a local marine biologist as a basking shark – a very large fish that feeds solely on plankton.

I bet Walter Szulc Jr. (the kayaker) is wishing said specialist would shut his mouth and let him enjoy his moment of heroic glory. Afterall, “I barely escaped from a Great White” sounds better than “Wow, thank god I outpaddled that oversized plankton-eater.”

NO Shark Fin SOUP FOR YOU, California

Shark fin soup, which can cost up to $100 a bowl, will no longer be available in the state of California because governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill banning its main ingredient.

Some residents are outraged, while others applaud the new law. The fins sell for more than $2,000 a pound and are sometimes used in meals to celebrate Chinese birthdays, parties and weddings…

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