Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin Need to STOP

macaulay culkin ryan gosling shirt
Most-successful-child star Macaulay Culkin has to stay relevant by singing songs about pizza and wearing shirts of most-successful-ladies-man ever Ryan Gosling. To keep it going, someone then photoshopped a picture of Gosling wearing a shirt of him wearing the shirt. Confused yet?

Current stars wearing shirts of people who were relevant in the ’80’s and 90’s is bigger than racist white people apologizing for being racist. Gosling started the prank last winter, and for all we know, it could go on for many more winters, or until they run out of fabric.  Continue reading “Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin Need to STOP”

Miley Uses Marc Jacobs Campaign as Excuse to SURPRISE … Get Naked!

Miley cyrus naked t shirt Miley Cyrus will take any paper-thin excuse to be naked and run with it. Like this Marc Jacobs’ “Protect the Skin You’re In “ shirt, to raise awareness for skin cancer.

In my mind, being naked is the opposite of what you should be doing for melanoma. Bitches laying in the sun naked are the problem. I mean the more naked you are the more it’s like a magnifying glass zooming in on your lumpy ass moles that you definitely have to go to the dermatologist for.

It’s good but completely unoriginal advertising in the sense that sex always sells. I mean, hell, it works for PETA and NOH8 and anything breast cancer-related. Guys on Facebook are like, “Tell me what color your bra is, it’s for breast cancer, wink wink.” SURE.  Continue reading “Miley Uses Marc Jacobs Campaign as Excuse to SURPRISE … Get Naked!”

Kanye, Courtney, Axl – Biggest Concert Divas Of 2012

Courtney Love kicked off the festivities of awkward concert behavior at the Sao Paolo Music and Arts Festival in mid November when she screamed and stripped after a fan held up a photo of Kurt Cobain.

Fast forward to December and we hear that Tyler, The Creator vandalized a soundboard and incited a riot at the legendary Roxy on Sunset Blvd though he’s not headline-worthy in my mind.  Continue reading “Kanye, Courtney, Axl – Biggest Concert Divas Of 2012”

Bulletproof Polo, For The Paranoid Gentleman

If I was a little bit more, afraid, and a little bit more mobster-y I’d order a bulletproof polo. And such a thing does exist at FreshPolos.com. For $3,475 you can purchase a shirt that will save your life if you happen to be stabbed and/or shot with handguns and uzis.

You no longer have to worry about outwardly looking like you are wearing bulletproof anything or being sprayed with gunfire on the way to the grocery store! Woohoo.

The polos, which are endorsed by everyone from Steven Seagal to King Abdullah of Jordan, come in four basic colors and three protection levels.

This article of “high-security fashion” and its removable anti-ballistic panels are designed by Columbian mogul Miguel Caballero, whose website also offers an “extreme jacket,” raincoats, and women’s clothing. Continue reading “Bulletproof Polo, For The Paranoid Gentleman”

Urban Outfitters Backlashed For Stereotyping The Irish

 New York congressional district rep. Joe Crowley and nine members of something called “the Congressional Ad Hoc Committee on Irish Affairs” sent the CEO of Urban Outfitters an angry letter after a bunch of semi-humorous St. Patrick’s Day apparel appeared on their website.

Continue reading “Urban Outfitters Backlashed For Stereotyping The Irish”

Tess Taylor Of ‘Pretty Wild’ Is A ‘White Girl Wasted’ For $$

If you haven’t seen the reality show Pretty Wild and you’re a fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Bad Girls Club you need to right now (Netflix) because it was the perfect mixture of the two.

Equally inappropriate and wealthy sisters swooning over gangly troublemaker boys and doing mountains and mountains of heroin plus arguing with their mom, who has a whole boatload of eccentricities of her own. The heroin mountain bit was more of a behind-the-scenes thing, though there were pictures of it. Continue reading “Tess Taylor Of ‘Pretty Wild’ Is A ‘White Girl Wasted’ For $$”

Sarah Jessica Parker, Face-Raped by Russian Security Guard?

Sarah Jessica Parker was at Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow promoting her new movie I Don’t Know How She Does It when her hired security guard, Oleg Donstov reportedly ‘ripped open his shirt and tried to kiss her’ as they were leaving the event.

His supposed quote regarding the incident is really epic too,

“I shouldn’t have done that as a professional but I couldn’t believe Sarah Jessica Parker was there, that close to me. Home life could be even more difficult but I’ll try to buy some roses and smooth things over.”

Haha, yeah, maybe your wife isn’t super into the idea of you transforming into homely Russian Fabio, publicly shaming yourself.

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