Selena Gomez’s Mom Doesn’t Look Her Age Either

selena gomez mom Selena Gomez‘s mom, Amanda Cornett, gave birth last week. She’s 35-years-old, a perfectly reasonable age to have a kid (she was 16 when she had Selena), and doesn’t look a day over well, my age. (Not quite 30.)

Every time someone says Selena Gomes is hot I reach for the phone and start dialing 911 with the intention of having them put on the registered sex offenders list. Then I remind myself that she just has the face of a teenager who hasn’t yet learned about things like faulty metabolisms or lube, and is not actually underage.

Now we know where it comes from! Good genes. The woman in the photo could easily be her sister, kidnapper or polygamist foster mother, but she hardly looks old enough to have a 20-year-old daughter.

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LEAVE OMAROSA ALONE: Reality Star Accused of Being ‘Fixated’ on Michael Clarke Duncan’s Money

Omarosa crying I wouldn’t normally speak ill of a family who recently suffered a loss, but in the case of Michael Clarke Duncan’s sister, I might have to make an exception.

Judy Duncan claims that her brother’s fiancé, TV villain Omarosa Manigault, was “fixated” on his money when he was on life support and that he was not of “sound mind” when he changed his will to make her the main beneficiary.

To sum it up, ol’ Judy wanted more than the $100,000 Michael, who passed away in fall of 2012, left her.

I’m tired of the misconception that Omarosa is a gold-digging bitch of an attention whore. Instead, I call upon you to think of her as a professional reality show villain.

Yes, Omarosa became a Celebrity Apprentice contestant and Surreal Life cast member after competing on regular Apprentice, but she’s also a well-educated business woman, specializing in broadcast journalism and communications.  Continue reading “LEAVE OMAROSA ALONE: Reality Star Accused of Being ‘Fixated’ on Michael Clarke Duncan’s Money”

Video: Solange – “Losing You”

For once, being the underappreciated sibling of a massively famous pop star has worked out for someone. Yes, Beyonce’s sister Solange is cool as hell.

Her hair is real, she dresses like edgy urkel, sings like it’s the 80s and collaborates with indie favorites like Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) and rapper Theophilus London (check out “Flying Overseas”).

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5 Things To Know About Lindsay Lohan’s New Half-Sister

The results for a paternity test involving a woman Michael Lohan had an affair with in 1994 are here.

It turns out, Lindsay Lohan does have a half-sibling in 17-year-old Ashley Horn.

This all went down on The Trisha Goddard Show, but since there were swabs involved, Maury Povich just had to make a “special guest” appearance.

In an interview before the big reveal, Michael denies ever having contact with the daughter of Kristi Horn Kaufmann but literally nobody believes him because he’s a Lohan, and lying comes as easily to them as being unreliable and drinking vodka out of troughs.  Continue reading “5 Things To Know About Lindsay Lohan’s New Half-Sister”

Kelly Osbourne Is Dating Alison Mosshart

Reformed “bad girl” Kelly Osbourne traded in her last boyfriend (who cheated on her with a pre-op transgender named Elle) for Matthew Mosshart.

If you’re at all familiar with the band The Kills, know that Matthew is lead singer Alison Mosshart’s brother and there is a strong resemblance.

In case the shorts and flowery kimono thing weren’t a big enough clue, they’re in Hawaii, for Jack Osbourne’s wedding.

Kelly also flaunted her bikini body, which is 50 pounds lighter because she eats cucumbers for breakfast.

In 2010 she told Shape that she’d “never worn a bikini” in her whole life.

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12-Year-Old Rips Mitt Romney A New Hole

A Denver 7th grader’s disapproving letter to Mitt Romney discussing gay marriage, women’s rights, religion, and health care is a viral sensation.

Like McKayla Maroney, he is NOT IMPRESSED.

Despite a few grammatical errors (“backpedalled” instead of “backpedaled” and “you’re” instead of “your”), it’s hard to not wonder if Jackson Ripley had some help from his parents. (Or I’m jealous because my comprehension was not nearly this good at age 12.)

What pre-teen refers to the “middle class” and uses words “vulnerable?”

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Woman Causes Media Frenzy After Sitting In Ryan Lochte’s Lap, Turns Out To Be His Sister

You know when you’re at a basketball game with you brother and they start showing that kiss cam, and you’re both silently praying that it doesn’t zoom in on you and create an awkward moment of nothingness that ultimately ends with everyone laughing at you?

Well, that happened to Olympic U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte after the paparazzi snapped pictures of him and two mysterious women in the back of a car in London… Continue reading “Woman Causes Media Frenzy After Sitting In Ryan Lochte’s Lap, Turns Out To Be His Sister”

Whitney Cummings Gets Candid About The Criticism Towards Her Show

Whitney Cummings became a friend of the Howard Stern Show back in late 2008 after she gained notoriety for her Comedy Central roast jokes.

Since then she’s become the writer and producer of two shows, 2 Broke Girls and Whitney, one acclaimed, one heavily criticized.

Cummings appeared on Stern last week (I get a lot of story ideas from there because I’m a non-famous member of the wack packin a state of disarray (about the backlash towards Whitney) and honesty about her sister’s drug and alcohol addiction. When Howard expressed concern about her emotional state, the insult comic known for her tough-exterior nearly broke down in tears.  Continue reading “Whitney Cummings Gets Candid About The Criticism Towards Her Show”

Elizabeth Olsen, The Non-Twin (One That Can Act)

How many people even knew there was a third Olsen let alone one who actually shows promise as an actress? Her name is Elizabeth Olsen, or “Lizzie,” as she goes by. She’s 22 and will most likely be nominated for an Oscar.

People are calling her new movie Martha Marcy May Marlene the next Winter’s Bone, calling her a younger version of Vera Farmiga. She has six movies, yes six, coming out between now and the end of 2012, with more on the horizon.

Lizzy’s sisters were front-and-center in the fame spotlight for around a decade, famous for  Full House, New York Minute, a juvenile clothing line, a creepy year-long countdown to their 18th birthday, and one overblown eating disorder…

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