Daniel Radcliffe Films ‘The F Word,’ Flashes Junk (Again)

Photos of Daniel Radcliffe filming the upcoming “romantic” film The F Word have surfaced and they might remind you of pesky Prince Harry’s naked Las Vegas antics, except Radcliffe isn’t so shy…

This straight-person version of The L Word co-stars Rafe Spall (Prometheus) and Zoe Kazan (Bored To Death, Fracture), who is also naked while shooting a skinny dipping scene with Harry Potter.

MNPP has a complete collection of non-Equus nudie pics. Did he get circumcised since then or what? I see less foreskin.

Marion Cotillard’s French Tatas (No, Not Potatoes)

Inception actress Marion Cotillard, 36, was caught dipping her french fries in the ocean on the set of the foreign orca/amputee (I’m as confused as you are)film Rust And Bone, due in 2012. And, yes Beavis, I said “bone.”

There it is, disappointing, mostly-covered Oscar-winning (for La Vie En Rose) water-immersed knockers, yesterday’s news, errr day before. Do you feel better or worse about your life after reading this?

I feel worse, because I wrote it.

If you had to caption this photo in a humorous way, what would you write?

I know she’s making a horrid face like her thighs just disintegrated, but I can’t think of anything funny to say about it.