New ‘Skyrim’ DLC Allows You To Adopt A Child

Khloe and Lamar, I have a solution for your fertility woes – downloadable Skyrim content! Cartoonish medieval kids are always better than real ones, and in the eerily Sims-like Hearthfire, you can adopt one at the seedy orphanage in Riften!

Hearthfire costs 400 Microsoft Points and is the second add-on after Dawnguard (released June 26, 2012) to Game Of The Year-winner The Elder Scrolls V. 

The expansion lets you not only raise a family, but build your own home with additional bee hives, house slaves, gardens and fish hatcheries. It came out on September 4, so what are you waiting for?  Continue reading “New ‘Skyrim’ DLC Allows You To Adopt A Child”

The Elder Scrolls MMO And Why You Might Never See Your Spouse Again

ZeniMax and Bethesda have announced plans for an Elder Scrolls MMO (massively multiplayer online game) with a release date sometime in 2013. Screenshots and a teaser trailer have already hit the viral internerd highway.

Here’s why you might never see your spouse again. If you don’t live under a rock, you know that the Elder Scrolls series reached new heights of popularity with its fifth installment, Skyrim.

If you thought that was bad, wait until there’s no ending to the game, which is exactly what an MMO is. A neverending addiction that sucks you in using the basic human gluttony instinct.  Continue reading “The Elder Scrolls MMO And Why You Might Never See Your Spouse Again”

X-Play Calls ‘Skyrim’ ‘The Best Game Of This Console Generation’

I’m not the type of person who believes everything I hear, and I don’t rely on reviews to tell me what to buy or ignore BUT I do trust a few sources in movies and gaming. Roger Ebert for film and G4’s X-Play/AOTS for video games.

On 11-10-11 Blair Herter and Adam Sessler came on Attack Of The Show’s Game Break segment and called the follow-up to the best game of the year 2006, “The best, most ambitious, most immersive game of this console generation.”

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