Snoop Dogg Gets High in Holland With Slacker Son

Snoop dogg son smokingA photo posted on Instagram shows Snoop Dogg sharing a blunt with his oldest son Corde Calvin Broadus in the car on the way to a show in Groningen, Holland on the 27th.

Snoop’s laid-back approach to parenting may not be the best thing for a budding athlete, seeing as Corde was offered a football scholarship to UCLA in June and reportedly dropped out to pursue a music career.

Now he has all the time in the world to smoke pot in the car and twiddle his dreadlocks while spitting “fuck the NCAA” rhymes.  Continue reading “Snoop Dogg Gets High in Holland With Slacker Son”

Concert Nearly Cancelled After Extreme Winds Blow Cigarette Smoke into Madonna’s Face

Madonna Chile 2012 1Madonna threatened to cancel a concert in Santiago, Chile on a rainy Wednesday night if fans at the sound check continued blowing cigarette smoke in her face.

“If you’re going to smoke cigarettes, I’m not doing a show,” she screeched as cracks permeated through her skin like the ground after an earthquake. “You don’t care about me? I don’t care about you. All right? Are we going to play that game? I’m not kidding. I can’t sing if you smoke.”

The most frightening part was when Vag Donna, in a menacing black hoodie, said “WHERE ARE THEY SMOKING?” as she tried to seek out and punish the fag-loving Chileans. Continue reading “Concert Nearly Cancelled After Extreme Winds Blow Cigarette Smoke into Madonna’s Face”

Lindsay Lohan Rushed To New York Hospital For Asthma

Lindsay Lohan was taken to the emergency room at Mount Sinai hospital in New York late Sunday after having a severe asthma attack.

TMZ reports that Lohan, whose father said that she has to take these things seriously because “she had a bad case of asthma as a kid,” was released shortly after being given antibiotics for a lung infection.

“Lindsay was treated and released, and is doing fine,” Lindsay’s rep told Newsday. Sources close to the troubled starlet revealed that she’s been dealing with walking pneumonia for the last two weeks.

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Amanda Bynes Smokes A Pipe, Talks To Herself

Amanda Bynes has a lot in common with RNC speaker Clint Eastwood, but instead of talking to empty chairs, she talks to herself while she’s on the elliptical in her gym. She also smokes a pipe while eating tacos in a Baja Fresh parking lot.

Even though there are basically photos of it happening, the accusations about her “making comments and then answering back” and “laughing hysterically for no reason” could be completely false, as they were made by random gym rats and neighbors. Let’s just say they are true…

We all, at some point in our lives, carry on “long conversations with inanimate objects.”

I talk to my pets, who are not exactly inanimate, but they certainly don’t reply, and possibly think I’m as crazy as Amanda Bynes going 120 in a residential zone.  Continue reading “Amanda Bynes Smokes A Pipe, Talks To Herself”

Rihanna Smoking In Hawaii, Plus More Armani Pics

Barbado-not-so-clowntastic-anymore Rihanna was photographed Monday and Tuesday casually puffing on what was almost surely a blunt.

I use “casually” loosely because it actually looks like she fell asleep smoking it though I guess she was just resting her eyes and dreaming of scrawny blonde men with bad tempers.

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Top Failed New Year’s Resolutions

Ever year nearly everyone makes a New Year’s resolution and every year they all fail miserably because the bar is set too high. My resolution of the past eight years was to be less judgmental. Chyeah like my personality is ever going to just magically change.

Certain things, on the other hand, are within your control but still hard extremely hard to achieve if you don’t have insane willpower.

1. Lose weight. It only makes sense that the most obese country in the world would have the most weight-loss resolutions, oh and we do. Going to the gym more often and eating less or in a more healthy manner depends on way too many things. Surroundings, attitude, genetics, love of Crunchwrap Supremes, whatever.

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Hey, Snow White Isn’t Supposed To Smoke!

Photos of Kristen Stewart shooting her potentially epic fantasy/adventure film Snow White And The Huntsman have arrived!

She’s getting all friendly with the equine scene in armor and fagging it up (fags= cigs, not men who love Disney movies).

As usual, she looks a little flummoxed, but that’s how we recognize her, right?

It wouldn’t be Kristen without that shy look of discomfort. Though the is the last person who should be smoking, she looks deader than dinosaurs, mincemeat pie and Anne Heche…

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Lady Gaga Really is A Man (For Her “You & I” Single)

Apparently I’m out of the loop. Lady Gaga has had a male alter-ego since September of last year, whom she calls “Jo Calderone.” Hmmm, Jo looks a lot like Al Pacino.

Lady Balls Balls tweeted the cover art for the “You & I” single cover art featuring the pop star in a very convincing drag getup. I saw it the other day briefly and wondered if it was Gaga’s new boyfriend or some artistic male inspiration of hers. Who knew.

It was revealed that the video for “You & I” will be released as Lady Gaga’s 1000th tweet, and she’s currently on 992, so it seems like that will probably be in a few weeks, who knows how long or short she wants to play that game for.

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