Rihanna For British GQ, December 2013

Rihanna snake cover gq Rihanna joins acclaimed art director Damien Hirst for British GQ’s 25th anniversary issue all decked out in snakes looking like a voodoo queen sidekick of Angela Bassett in American Horror Story: Coven. (DID YOU SEE her sitting on that elaborate throne playing Solitaire on an iPad?)

Rihanna’s interview from the December edition of the magazine isn’t available yet, so here are some quotes from her recent sit-down with Glamour.

On being bullied / developing a thick skin: “I got teased my entire school life. What they were picking on I don’t even understand. It was my skin color. Then when I got older, it was about my breasts. But I’m not victimized – I’m grateful. I think those experiences were strategically put together by God for the preparation of being in the music industry. It’s so easy for me to deal with the bullsh*t now.”

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The Sadist in All of us Can Appreciate ‘Killer Karaoke’ with Steve-O

Steve-O is the host of a new show where regular people are thrown into Jackass-type scenarios, while singing.

Killer Karaoke on TruTV dips its harmonizing contestants into snake tanks, slaps them with fish, removes their body hair, and forces them to navigate through the “cactus maze.”

Other tasks that include scorpions, air horns, trap doors and maggots.

Sounds like the best TV show ever, huh? The New York Times certainly thinks so (“No other phrase will do”). Based on ITV1’s Sing If You Can, Killer Karaoke airs on Fridays at 9:00 p.m.  Continue reading “The Sadist in All of us Can Appreciate ‘Killer Karaoke’ with Steve-O”

‘Dexter’ Season 6 Premiere Recap, Stomach Snakes and Blowjobs

Dexter Morgan, the blood-spatter analyst with a “moral” serial-killing hobby is back in season six – which introduces all kinds of new characters and story lines, plus a new case and villain for him to idolize, obsess over, and then grow tired of.

The premiere episode, titled “Those Kinds of Things,” was both exciting and unsettling for a fan. We see Dexter having more “fun” than he has in a long time. During one of his many killing adventures – he’s less sneaky/brooding/careful murderer, more action/suspense movie violent/crazed.

(Spoilers and NSFW pics ahead)…

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