Kim Gordon Divorced Thurston Moore Because He Had An Affair

Kim and ThurstonKim Gordon recently opened up about the details of her divorce, telling Elle that her husband, fellow Sonic Youth singer Thurston Moore, was leading a “double life” with another woman.

Gordon, who announced the split from Moore in late 2011, said the affair was continuos, and that her husband refused to severe ties even after she found out.

Following confrontation over a suspicious text message, they entered couples counseling as a last-ditch effort. Here’s an excerpt from the very candid and painful-to-read story, by Lizzy Goodman:

Some years ago, a woman Gordon declines to name became a part of the Sonic Youth world, first as the girlfriend of an erstwhile band member and later as a partner on a literary project with Moore. Continue reading “Kim Gordon Divorced Thurston Moore Because He Had An Affair”

Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore Separate After 27 Years

The most low-key and notoriously grungy (yet pre-grunge) post punk, lo-fi, iconic rock ‘n roll couple have broken up!

The frontman and woman of Sonic Youth, who are now both in their 50’s and released their first album in 1982, are officially separating after being married for 27 years.

This also leaves a dark foreboding cloud over the future of their band, who may be greatly impacted (or ruined) by the break-up. A statement from their rep at Matador Records read:

“Musicians Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore, married in 1984, are announcing they have separated. Continue reading “Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore Separate After 27 Years”