Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [9-18-12]

Toronto Blue Jay writes “You Are A Faggot” in Spanish under his eyes. (Deadspin)

New Robocop suit looks like a more plated version of Mass Effect armor. (Coming Soon)

Mitt Romney caught on tape admitting he doesn’t care about 50% of the nation. (The Guardian)

NBA star Jeremy Lin is still sleeping on his teammates couches. (Yahoo!)

Amanda Bynes’ uncle Rick wants her to ‘get help.‘ (Celebuzz)

The most downloaded artist in America is…. Drake. Rihanna most pirated worldwide. (Spin)

Christina Aguilera says there’s plenty of room for her and Britney on TV. (ONTD!)

Thieves drive car through window of Apple Store. (ohmyGAHH!)

Video: Shakira – “Addicted To You”

Shakira‘s still milking the success of her 2010 album Sale El Soland why shouldn’t she? Five singles strong and no sign of slowing down.

The fifth, “Addicted To You” (not to be confused with Madonna’s “I’m Addicted”) is an excellent representation of Miss Latin America’s usual style.  Continue reading “Video: Shakira – “Addicted To You””

Clive Owen’s Spanish Burger King Commercial

Yeahhh, Clive Owen is promoting Burger King in a new dubbed commercial that is neither funny enough or serious enough. It’s not shocking in any way shape or form that Owen, a respected actor, would appear in a silly foreign commercial.

Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bruce Willis, Nicholas Cage, and Meg Ryan have all done it, whether it was Heineken, handheld gaming devices or energy drinks. I just don’t understand if this ad is going to air in America or Mexico or South America or Spain or what? There is no information on this, and I am very upset.

Continue reading “Clive Owen’s Spanish Burger King Commercial”