Aliens Discovered Near Volcanoes In New Zealand

National Geographic posted a variety of pictures of creatures discovered in Northern New Zealand in “Undersea mountains, continental slopes, canyons, and hydrothermal vents.”

The research area spanned 3,800 square miles around Kermadec Ridge and the species were both new and old to scientists. So maybe they’re not “aliens,” but close enough.

The polychaete worm (above) is a predator with projecting jaws. Other animals included squat lobsters, “Mickey Mouse” squid, “Hairy” crabs, black dragonfish, and tonguefish.  Continue reading “Aliens Discovered Near Volcanoes In New Zealand”

Video: Fiona Apple – “Every Single Night”

Fiona Apple is back and she’s as weird as you remember. In fact, she might be even weirder. Despite looking like she’s living with depleting bone cancer, she’s got plenty of energy to dust the floor with a hula doll and put squids on her head.

“Every Single Night” off The Idler Wheel Is Wiser, which has a longer title (but not as long as When The Pawn…) that I’m not willing to post, sounds like what plays in an indie movie when the protagonist begins losing their mind.