Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’ Sequel Due Sept. 24

Doctor Sleep Stephen KingStephen King is currently putting the finishing touches on a sequel to one of his most iconic novels ever. Over 36 years later, 1977’s The Shining will see a follow-up titled Doctor Sleep on September 24, 2013.

The book will focus on middle-aged Daniel “Danny” Torrance. Still haunted by his past at the Overlook Hotel as a five-year-old, Dan has moved to a town in New Hampshire and sustains a job at a hospice center. There he befriends a preteen girl who, like him, was born with gift of telepathy and precognition.

Torrance is faced with protecting her from a cult of evil men who seek out and harm children who “shine” for their own personal gain.

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Who Could Possibly Play Pennywise In Stephen King’s ‘It’ Besides Tim Curry?

Hollywood is running out of movies to remake, especially in the horror department. We’ve revisited the obvious – Texas Chainsaw MassacreFriday The 13th, Halloween and Psycho. To the slightly less obvious choices of The Wicker Man, Sorority Row, The Thing (a remake of a remake) and My Bloody Valentine.

One movie destined for the revamp treatment was Stephen King’s It, which originally aired as a TV movie on ABC. It was low-budget and half-assed, despite Tim Curry’s memorable performance as the ancient manifestation of fear in Derry, Maine.

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