LeAnn Rimes In A Facility For ‘Emotional Issues’ Relating To Cyber-Bullying

Country singer LeAnn Rimes is having trouble dealing with the stress of fame, particularly those who would call her out for having an extramarital affair with D-list actor Eddie Cibrian.

Cibrian, Rimes’ current husband, was married to F-list model Brandi Glanville (who later joined the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) when they began their relationship, and Rimes has unraveled at the public’s constant “homewrecker” nagging since 2009.

If the weight loss wasn’t a big enough sign, LeAnn is now in a non-traditional rehab-like facility to help her cope with adversity.

TMZ is reporting that she is allowed to leave on weekends, and use the phone.

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Does Anybody Still Play ‘Draw Something?’

The rags-to-riches story of developers OMGPOP may in fact be a rags-to-riches-to-rags story, or rather for Zynga – the company that spent $20 million for their hit app Draw Something.

Now their stock is plummeting and there’s a vast decrease in active players.

A report by Appdata shows that 14 million were drawing and guessing up a storm in April and by May those numbers had dropped to 9.2 million.

And I know why, this game has no staying power. It’s really fun and gimmicky for a few weeks or months but after a while it starts to feel repetitive and sometimes frustrating. I stopped playing because it stressed me out too much…  Continue reading “Does Anybody Still Play ‘Draw Something?’”

Celebrity Gossip Is A Secret Source Of Stress?

Stop what you’re doing, a list that appeared on the forefront of Yahoo yesterday called “10 Secret Stressors” listed celebrity gossip as the number ten most underestimated source of stress for women.

Things like Facebook, co-workers and “the doctor” also made the list. I never thought of the doctor as much of a secret source of anxiety since they’re always freaking me out on a global level.

Whether they’re explaining a mild illness poorly or APPEARING IN STUDIES LIKE THIS ONE, telling you that the everyday routine you felt was giving you comfort is actually making things worse and pummeling your self-esteem.  Continue reading “Celebrity Gossip Is A Secret Source Of Stress?”