Joseph Gordon-Levitt Spoofs ‘Magic Mike’

Tumblr is lighting up with GIFs of Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s second visit to NBC Studios for Saturday Night Live because of a half-naked tribute to Magic Mike.

“You know what my favorite superhero movie of the summer was? Magic Mike. I’m serious, my friend Channing Tatum was so good in that…”  Continue reading “Joseph Gordon-Levitt Spoofs ‘Magic Mike’”

Nadya Suleman Strips For Cash, Food, Or Kind Words

People shouldn’t have initiated Nadya Suleman into the gossip world with the name “Octomom” because she already had six children before 2009, when the octuplets were born.

I hereby rename her “Tetradeca Mom,” for fourteen. So, let’s use it in a story.

Tetradeca Mom (so dinosaur-y) has reportedly booked a job at the strip joint T’s Lounge, in Palm Beach.

She will be going topless and will not offer lap dances. What a shame.  Continue reading “Nadya Suleman Strips For Cash, Food, Or Kind Words”

Kathy Griffin’s Dress Fell Off Again

Kathy Griffin joined the likes of Drew Barrymore and Courtney Love when she stripped live on his show Friday evening. Instead of jumping on his desk and flashing him, she was dared to.

After the topic of her naked New Year’s celebration with Anderson Cooper came up, Kathy said she’d “do it right now” and Dave replied “go, go ahead.” He even helped her out of her dress, and thankfully her bra never left her body.

It’s very confusing when a self-proclaimed d-list comedian begins to constantly strip and show off her new body on television.

Female nudity is not funny, unless of course it’s a fat chick.

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