Ke$ha Gyrates Lazily in ‘Dirty Love’ Video

Kesha dirty love stillIn a brand new video for “Dirty Love,” everybody’s favorite crusty party girl flashes skin on a stripper stage like a lazy Taylor Momsen or super energized Britney Spears.

In true Ke$ha fashion, she humps the air, covers her face to contain demonic laughter, slurps whip cream cans and balances her drunk self on a chain link fence.

For some reason, Iggy Pop’s random verse about Rick Santorum in a v-neck sweater that was included on her Warrior CD is missing. You know it’s a bad sign when the scraggliest heroin addict in town regrets working with you.

Her vagina is a glitter piñata and her body is 72% vodka. Raise a toast with your tuna martinis (tunatinis?) and try to avoid a fish hangover upon pressing the play button. Continue reading “Ke$ha Gyrates Lazily in ‘Dirty Love’ Video”

Video: Calvin Harris – “Sweet Nothing” Feat. Florence Welch

Calvin Harris, the man behind “Bounce” featuring Kelis, Rihanna’s “We Found Love” and self-sung dance anthems like “Acceptable In The 80s,” has a new song with a big female voice.

This time it’s Florence Welch, who is a La Roux-esque lounge singer with an abusive boyfriend who is shown getting beat up on the street. Florence gets angry and strips. Continue reading “Video: Calvin Harris – “Sweet Nothing” Feat. Florence Welch”

Nadya Suleman Strips For Cash, Food, Or Kind Words

People shouldn’t have initiated Nadya Suleman into the gossip world with the name “Octomom” because she already had six children before 2009, when the octuplets were born.

I hereby rename her “Tetradeca Mom,” for fourteen. So, let’s use it in a story.

Tetradeca Mom (so dinosaur-y) has reportedly booked a job at the strip joint T’s Lounge, in Palm Beach.

She will be going topless and will not offer lap dances. What a shame.  Continue reading “Nadya Suleman Strips For Cash, Food, Or Kind Words”