Stories I’m Too Lazy To Write About [10-31-12]

University of Florida students create blackface controversy. (The Grio)

Green Day video “The Forgotten” features red-eyed Bella in Breaking Dawn Part 2. (E! Online)

Nasal testosterone spray for women is “female Viagra,” guarantees orgasms. (io9)

Hulk Hogan sex tape lawsuit against Bubba The Love Sponge settled. (Courant)

Forget Ludacris as Anthony Davis, this Paralympian has the best Halloween costume. (JS Blog)

Bryan Singer returns to X-Men franchise for First Class sequel. (EW)

Hurricane Sandy hasn’t stopped New Yorkers from getting busy on Craigslist. (Jezebel)

‘N Sync bandmates not invited to Timberlake wedding because of Jessica Biel’s ego. (ohmyGAHH!)

Niagara Falls And Kansas Want Your Youth And Professionalism, Will Pay Student Loans

Niagara Falls, New York and 50 counties way Southeast, in Kansas, are willing to pay you to move there, much like Alaska.

There’s small print though, they will specifically pay your student loans and/or income tax.

In participating areas Kansas offers qualifying residents (you need to have a college degree) an income tax waiver for five years max and/or pay up to $15,0000 of their student loans.

CNBC writes that it’s an attempt to boost the commerce of the city:  Continue reading “Niagara Falls And Kansas Want Your Youth And Professionalism, Will Pay Student Loans”

A Pocketed Bra, For All My Hooker Friends

Are you constantly shoving dollar bills, your driver’s license, and phone into your cleavage? If so, there’s a perfect article of clothing for you – the kangaroo-inspired “JoeyBra,” made by two female University of Washington students.

They put the item on the weird-and-creative-funding-goldmine Kickstarter and it’s receiving all kinds of attention. Everyone from Forbes to Jwoww.

The bra, which you can buy for $30 dollars, is designed to look and feel as though there’s nothing in the pocket.

From the website: “Our unique product allows women to finally ditch the purse and opt for freedom. JoeyBra, a sexy pocketed bra, offers two discreet pockets on the sides of the bra.”  Continue reading “A Pocketed Bra, For All My Hooker Friends”