If You Sit, You Die – New Study Kills Bloggers

I am completely fucked and so are you if your job consists of sitting at the computer, Googling memes and picking your nose until it bleeds.

Not that I ever thought sitting down was great cardio, but a new study is suggesting that sitting for three hours a day or more can cut two years off your life.

Author Peter Katzmarzyk says that on average, “Americans report they sit between four and a half to five hour a day” and that research proves that physical activity is key.

I still don’t understand whether or not this means that I can still sit as long as I also exercise, but I assume the answer is no. What I hear when I read this is…  Continue reading “If You Sit, You Die – New Study Kills Bloggers”

Pregnant White Women Can’t Give Up Cigarettes

Just because I compare babies to earwigs and think being pregnant is a horrible curse, doesn’t mean I believe in filling the lungs of an unborn child with smoke.

According to a national survey by the Mental Health Services Administration, 1 in 5 caucasian women who are with-child will smoke cigarettes – which is far more than black or hispanic women.

The study looked to correlate the use of drugs, alcohol and cigarettes between different races during their pregnancies.

Don’t kill the messenger delivering the potentially inaccurate information, but it also states that pregnant black women were more likely than other races to use illicit drugs.  Continue reading “Pregnant White Women Can’t Give Up Cigarettes”

Men Who Cheat Are More Likely To Fracture Their Dongs

According to My Health News Daily, men who participate in extramarital affairs are more likely to incur injuries to their penises. Karma or coincidence?

Urologist Dr. Andrew Kramer, a researcher at University of Maryland conducted a study revealing that men who frequently suffered penile fractures were commonly having sex in bizarre locations.

Locations such as elevators, bathrooms, cars, work, or outdoors…

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Study Shows Fatherhood Lowers Testosterone

A study conducted by Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois shows that testosterone levels lower in men who become fathers.

Researcher Lee Gettler says,

“Men are, to a certain degree, hardwired to take care of their kids…this is important because traditional models of human evolution have portrayed women as the gatherers that take care of the kids and stay behind.”

In the meantime, women’s estrogen levels skyrocket during pregnancy, but after the kid is born the man loses some testosterone and turns into a lady too? Hot.

The experiment was tested out on 465 different men for the Cebu Longitude Health and Nutrition Survey in the Phillippines…

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