Lil’ Kim Called Nicki Minaj A Dumb Hoe

On Wednesday Lil’ Kim went onto the Bravo show What Happens Live and, on the segment “Plead The Fifth,” and pretty much said that any title of a song is a literal representation of the artist behind it.

Or, to give her less credit, she just (still) really hates Nicki Minaj“I’m pretty sure I feel the same way everybody else feels right about now. If you have to make a song called ‘Stupid Hoe,’ you must be a stupid hoe.”

She also made a “Fire Marshall Bill” face (In Living Color reference) that represented Nicki’s signature snarl, and of course, acted like she didn’t see or hear about the Grammys because she’s as relevant as the Gone Country cast. Continue reading “Lil’ Kim Called Nicki Minaj A Dumb Hoe”

Nicki Minaj Disses Jennifer Aniston In New Song

The Nicki Minaj song in question is “Stupid Hoe,” but don’t get your drawers in a bunch just yet, Aniston is not the hoe in question it’s just that her name is used carelessly to prove a point.

The line? “Uh, yo, yo, I get it cracking like a bad back. Bitch talkin’ she the queen when she looking like a lab rat. I’m Angelina, you Jennifer, c’mon bitch you see where Brad at?”

Personally I’d rather be Jennifer Aniston, but I guess she’s just trying to say that “she got the guy.”

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