Happy 53rd Birthday Madonna! (Have Fun Being A Succubus)

On this day, in 1958, pop music royalty was spawned in the relatively small town of Bay City, Michigan. Madonna Louise Ciccone, one of only five people in this hierarchy, joining her in the 80’s was Michael Jackson as undisputed king of pop until his death in 2009. Britney Spears as princess of pop from 1998-present and Justin Timberlake as prince, in’N Sync format then solo, from 1997-present AND Lady Gaga as the new queen of pop? Or co-headlining princess.

Either way, Madonna’s no spring chicken. Even years of yoga, vegan diet and sleeping in a plastic coffin filled with lotion (As former husband Guy Ritchie reported) she is starting to look her age, well, within 7 years of it.

Like a hot blonde granny with muscles?

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