Taylor Swift’s Legal Team Angered By Fake Nude Photo

Taylor Swift’s legal team reportedly sent a letter to the website Celebrity Jihad (they specialize in nude photos and sex scene footage) over a photo that the site claimed was a topless Taylor Swift.

Swift and her legal team are prepared to sue if the picture is not removed. The photo is obviously a fake, it’s merely a girl with curly blonde hair who resembles Taylor, but lacks her angular facial shape. (And dignity)

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Anonymous Actress Sues Over IMDB Age Reveal

An unnamed Asian actress from Texas is suing the popular movie/actor database website IMDB because she claims to have stopped receiving movie role offers because they (IMDB Pro) displayed her real age.

Her profile showed her birthday to the public and also industry insiders looking to hire, which she says is a huge problem since she’s always looked younger than her age.

Her solution… Sue them for a million dollars! Since she probably isn’t well-known at all (it’s obviously not Lucy Liu, Michelle Yeoh or Ziyi Zhang) and never made much money to start with, why not attempt to make a quick buck off a super rich Amazon-owned company?

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Tupac Sex Tape Bidding War, Legal Woes

A sex tape starring legendary rapper Tupac Shakur apparently surfaced online not long after the anniversary of his death. TMZ reports that it was shot in 1991 and depicts a groupie performing oral sex on him at a party.

2Pac, quite the pro at 20 years-old, is sipping a cocktail, singing,  and giving his friend Money B (Digital Underground) a hug whilst being fellated. Pictures have surfaced from the tape, though they are quite blurry. Porn companies (such as YouPorn) are already starting a mass bidding war.

The owner of the tape, who remains anonymous, has reportedly turned down offers of $150,000, calling them ‘much too low.’ Shakur’s mother Afeni is infuriated and looking to sue anyone who attempts to make a profit off it…

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