Paraplegic Aussie Mom Loves Being Duct Taped to Surfer’s Back

woman taped to surfer's back
So I’m scrolling through Facebook the other day and I see this post about an Australian woman who, after a severe car accident, can no longer use her legs. And I click on it and read that she always wanted to go surfing so her son’s friend offered to tape her to his back.

Call me crazy, but I cannot think of anything worse than being strapped to someone’s back on a strip of material that is less than two feet wide in a deep body of water. Oh and to top it off, I’m f*cking paralyzed.

So if he goes under, I go under. I’m putting all my faith in some kid who is probably crazy and, like all extreme sports people, secretly wants to die in a blaze of natural earth-related glory.  Continue reading “Paraplegic Aussie Mom Loves Being Duct Taped to Surfer’s Back”

Katy Perry Has Rocks in Her Knee

katy perry weird kneeKaty Perry has weird physical ailments just like you and me and your old dog or cat or the fish that one guy made the life vest for (so cute).

But Perry’s not a fish that can’t float, she’s one that floated straight into a riptide that made her knee funky forever.

“Wherever I go, I have these two rocks that I still can’t get out of my knee,” she told Jay Leno. “They’re from being slashed across the rocks in Rincon … which is a really popular spot in Santa Barbara.”

Perry added that she doesn’t mind her California-centric surfing injury because it makes her feel “closer to the earth.”

Mhmmm. And I have back problems even though my boobs are the size of Keurig samples and I barely ever lift anything heavier than a half empty box of Corn Puffs…  Continue reading “Katy Perry Has Rocks in Her Knee”