Scientology Really Did Ruin Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ Marriage, In Case There Were Any Doubts

Katie holmes afraid of tomWhen Tom Cruise was asked in court if Scientology was “one of the reasons” Katie Holmes divorced him, he reportedly said “That was one of the assertions, yes.”

But, since he’s still a Scientologist and finds all lines of questioning that in any way paint Scientology in a bad light super offensive (just as I find religions that are under 60-years-old super offensive), he is also quoted as saying “there is no need to protect my daughter from my religion.”

And I guess that’s sort of true since there aren’t a lot of children’s book about the power of Xenu’s silver booty shorts and hypnotizing lazer eyes. Or are there?

I haven’t been to that Church in awhile. Last time I was there I took a gem off the wall and sold it for a mansion and a helicopter and I think I may replaced Katie as their number one target. #DangerZone

Katie Holmes Called Up ‘First Love’ Joshua Jackson To Talk About Suri

Katie Holmes was locked in the secret basement in Tom Cruise’s spaceship for so long that her first call in the outside non-scientology world was to Dawson’s Creek co-star and ex-boyfriend Joshua Jackson.

Holmes dated Jackson in 1997 during the filming of the first season of Kevin Williamson’s iconic show, and called him her “first love” in a 1998 interview with Rolling Stone.

Apparently, Girlfran had been itching to talk to her male friend for quite a while but was silenced by the awesome power of Xenu. Jackson (who has been with Diane Kruger since 2006) confirmed that he called her out of the blue.

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Katie Holmes Believes The Church Of Scientology Is Spying On Her

Mysterious vehicles have been spotted outside of Katie Holmes‘ New York apartment that she has been staying at for the last few weeks.

She believes they belong to representatives of The Church Of Scientology.

Others (paparazzi) say the cars, a black SUV and a white Cadillac Escalade, could be occupied by people from the press looking for anything that they could call a story.

Rumor has it one of Holmes’ reasons for divorce was to prevent six-year-old Suri from being further exposed to the religion. But what would Scientologists gain from these spying excursions?

Are they going to kidnap her and force her to take back her request for sole custody?

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