Video: Miriam Bryant – “Finders Keepers”

With the success of Zedd’s remix of her song, “Push Play,” Miriam Bryant has released a video for her year-old single “Finder’s Keepers” where she belts out the line “I’m Over You” and knocks over Chess pieces with a fierce side braid and a glint of post-breakup anger in her eye.

Bryant is Swedish, super popular in Germany, and kind of sounds like Adele and Duffy.
Miriam Bryant finders keepers still 2

Rihanna And Eli Manning Biff SNL, Helga Handler Cleans Up The Mess

Lorne Michaels is not happy with Rihanna.

The singer missed her dress rehearsal due to an undisclosed illness that wasn’t serious enough to keep her from singing live or ‘eating an apple and walking around in between songs.’

I’m almost relieved to hear she was sick, while Rihanna may be known for off-an-on performances, she seemed to be channeling Britney Spears circa 2007 MTV Video Music Awards on Saturday.

Besides that, during “Talk That Talk” and “Where Have You Been” she repeatedly fanned and tapped the top of her vagina. It was kind of like a coconut ripeness test? Or a weave patting session?  Continue reading “Rihanna And Eli Manning Biff SNL, Helga Handler Cleans Up The Mess”

Behold! The Sheep-Herding Rabbit

A Swedish rabbit named Champis is drawing a lot of attention to him and his owner for his sheep-herding talents.

Skills that he learned from watching his canine brother.

Champis’s owners, Greta and Nils-Erik Vigren are thrilled and surprised at his gift and success.

The video of him aggressively herding to the song “Run Rabbit Run” by Flanagan and Allen is, like the majority of talented/baby animal videos, a big hit.  Continue reading “Behold! The Sheep-Herding Rabbit”