Rihanna Fans Her Clam, Seduces Jonathan Ross

Rihanna visited The Jonathan Ross Show in London, performing one of my favorite Talk That Talk tracks. It was especially wonderful when she waved her hand back and forth over the Barbados family jewels, to remind us of their existence.

Later, she squat-marks her territory until Ross is drawn out of his chair in an awkward sex trance.

Watch the not-so-elusive Caribbean puma stalk its prey, using highly effective vision and sense of hearing to effectively ambush a timid British talk show host.

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Let’s Talk About Rihanna’s Leaky New Album

Rihanna’s new CD, Talk That Talk, was leaked yesterday in all its standard edition glory, and seems okay. I think I like it about as much as I liked Loud when I first heard it, which is not much at all. Sadly there’s absolutely nothing as catchy as “Only Girl (In The World) or “S&M.”

There’s two noticeably strange things about it, the intro track (at least I think it’s the intro, these songs may be out of order) “Birthday Cake”  is a minute and 18 seconds long yet manages to stick in my head for the lines,

“It’s not even my birthday/But he want to lick the icing off/I know you want it in the worst way/Can’t wait to blow my candles out/He want that cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake.” 

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Rihanna’s Official ‘Talk That Talk’ Tracklist

With a release date just days before Thanksgiving, Rihanna’s sixth studio album in a mere seven years, looks to exceed expectations. Her previous effort, Loud, may have earned lukewarm reactions from the critics, but the fans went for it whole-heartedly and so did the queen of Barbadian pop.

She made music videos for half the tracks on Loud, toured all over the U.S. plus overseas and hasn’t let up besides her recent bout with the flu. Her new song “We Found Love,” an electronically dumb yet blissful pairing with Calvin Harris, is the first look at Talk That Talk, due November 21st.

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