Lindsay Lohan Owes A Tanning Salon $40,000

Tanning Vegas claims that Lindsay Lohan owes them $40,000 in unpaid tanning expenses from 2007 to 2009. A judge ordered her to pay the bill nine months ago and since she still hasn’t, they’re attempting to move the case from Vegas to California.

No matter how she tries to clean up her image, the past continues to haunt her…

She goes on SNL – her dad claims she was on prescription pills that she “doesn’t need.” Gets a job playing Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie with blind (and deaf) casting directors – this tanning news comes out (plus the Betty Ford assault thing).

Believe it or not, I don’t like judging people. I loved Lindsay in Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. I have less of a problem with the drugs and the [possible] plastic surgery as I do with the NOT PAYING PEOPLE.  Continue reading “Lindsay Lohan Owes A Tanning Salon $40,000”