Tara Reid Brags About Being Wanted For ‘Sharknado 2’

Tara Reid Sharknado stillTara Reid became understandably upset when TMZ reported that sources close to the geniuses behind Syfy’s runaway so-bad-it’s-good joke-horror hit Sharknado didn’t want her back for a sequel.

Upset because, if that were true, she wouldn’t be seeing a raise on that $50,000 paycheck and she’ll have to go back to walking the streets braless and talking loudly to the cracks in the cement near bored paparazzi, or maybe start a band with Edward Furlong and Jeremy London so people don’t forget who she is.

Turns out, Tara probably will be called back for Sharknado 2. While the movie hasn’t actually been cast (#1 also starred Ian Ziering as Reid’s ex-husband and Home Alone dad John Heard), producer David Latt says the rumor is absolutely not true.  Continue reading “Tara Reid Brags About Being Wanted For ‘Sharknado 2’”

Tara Reid Calls Lindsay Lohan a Bitchy Train Wreck

Tara Reid Lindsay LohanTMZ’s choice to let Tara Reid host their television show this week paid off. As soon as the topic of Lindsay Lohan getting her car towed came up, Tara, an expert in train wrecks, called out Lindsay’s behavior.

“She should just stop driving,” Reid said, later explaining that they don’t get along because Lindsay is a “mean drunk” who crashed her friend’s car. Apparently, one of the few times they did hang out, Lindsay rubbed Reid’s vodka watermelons the wrong way by drowning innocent cell phones.

“She’s so paranoid … anytime she thinks someone has a camera phone on, she drops it in the ice bucket.”

I’m just going to leave this Tilly and the Wall video right here. Pot kettle pot kettle black… Continue reading “Tara Reid Calls Lindsay Lohan a Bitchy Train Wreck”

Tara Reid And Her Pancreas Are In The Hospital

Tara Reid has been hospitalized in France after “partying it up on some yachts in Saint Tropez and hitting up the town’s nightlife,” according to TMZ.

She suffers from Acute Pancreatitis which is caused by many things including autoimmune problems, blockage and/or damage to the pancreatic duct, high triglyceride blood levels, or injury to the pancreas due to an accident.

She’s likely in serious pain and I hope she gets better and cuts back on the partying.

I mean, check out that face. She looks like an 11-year old oriental shorthair in a hat and pink Adidas track jacket. It’s hard to have ill wishes towards such a vulnerable creature.

Baldy, Beardy American Pie Reunion Guys

 The American Pie guys (and girls) are back! All of them. Count American Wedding absentees Mena Suvari, Tara Reid, Shannon Elizabeth, Natasha Lyonne and Chris Klein in plus everyone else. Stifler’s mom and Jim’s dad too, together.

As you can see from the preview, some of the actors are starting to look their age. I will always identify Jason Biggs as piefucker Jim Levinstein but it cannot be ignored that the entire cast have reached their early to mid 30s. Except Shannon Elizabeth, who is 38.  Continue reading “Baldy, Beardy American Pie Reunion Guys”

Worst Celebrity Bikini Bodies Of 2011 (Porpoise Sightings)

Julia Roberts, Ke$ha and Mel B

Ah celebrities and their love/hate relationship with the beach, bikinis, paparazzi and general body dysmorphia. Body issues that I am in no way helping by critiquing and berated on my filthy, degrading website. (Meh)

Most of these celebrities aren’t even overweight. In fact, many are disturbingly skinny and withered from years of starvation, mid-chest sun exposure, alcohol-slurping and botched cosmetic surgery…

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Just Another Tara Reid Crotch Shot

I’ve lost count of how many there have been? I’m thinking this is the third, or I dunno, I think she flashed her wacky botched boob job once and her wonky cat vagina another time?

It hardly matters. This time Tara and her financial advisor husband, Zachary Kehayov, were out and about in Mayfield, England.

Mrs. Reid has been spending time in London recently for the taping of Celebrity Big Brother, no emphasis on “celebrity.”

Here are her latest (slightly prickly?) side-underwear ball shots…

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