Tattooed Margaret Cho ‘Given Heavy Duty Korean Woman Stinkeye’ at Los Angeles Spa

Margaret Cho stomach tatComedian Margaret Cho recently shared an interesting story about a trip to Aroma Spa & Sports in Los Angeles.

Cho describes Aroma as a luxurious Korean, “clothing non-optional” destination complete with meals, a swimming pool, state-of-the-art gym, golf range and flat screen TVs in the sauna.

An all-nude sauna that apparently does not welcome women with tattoos…

Margaret, whose body is more than 50% inked, writes that she received dirty looks from nearly everyone there and was eventually pulled out of the steam room by the manager because her body, in its current state, was taboo.

She asked if I could please wear something, anything -– a towel or something –- and cover myself so that I wouldn’t frighten anyone with my body.  Continue reading “Tattooed Margaret Cho ‘Given Heavy Duty Korean Woman Stinkeye’ at Los Angeles Spa”

Russki Couple Get Matching Face Tattoos 24 Hours After Meeting

Russian face tattoo womanTrue love in Russia! Lesya and Ruslan Toumaniantz decided to get five inch-high tattoos of each other’s names after spending a single day together.

This is great because it’s probably really hard for them to remember who they’re dating.

Ruslan, a tattoo artist who originally “met” ladylove Lesya in a chat room, was so taken with her figure/personality that he splooged Gothic ink blotches all over her face cheeks (and his own). –>PHOTOS HERE<–

Usually regret sets in months, maybe years later, but I have a feeling 30 seconds to that 24 hours is more fitting. Somewhere near a pigeon cage, Mike Tyson just said “Oh sh*t, you went too far.”

Neck Tattoo To Marry Neck Tattoo: Deadmau5 Proposes to Kat Von D on Twitter

Kat Von D Deadmaus kissingSixth highest-paid DJ in the world Deadmau5 (real name: Joel Zimmerman) proposed to LA Ink star Kat Von D over the internet on Saturday.

“I can’t wait for Christmas so…. Katherine Von Drachenberg, will you marry me? @thekatvond,” Zimmerman wrote in a public Twitter message that included a picture of the ring.

Kat celebrated by drawing a picture of Joel with a butterfly on his head, while Joel expressed more online joy in another message that read, “holy fucking shit. im engaged and stuff!”

Holy fucking shit, Jesse James’ sloppy seconds, complete with face tattoos? She’s perfect!

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A LOT of People Have ‘Gears of War’ Tattoos

The Gears of War Facebook page just added a large chunk of photos the an album labeled “Tattoos.”

I like Gears of War as much as the next girl…

It’s gory, humorous and sometimes heartbreaking (things don’t go swimmingly for Dom’s wife Maria, Tai, and others), but the ink creativity doesn’t seem to span far past the game’s skull-in-gear logo.

Some (elaborate ticker, themed eyeball) are better than others but since there’s no exact word on a fourth Gears game, especially not from Epic, we can consider these tattoos retro in about two years.

Still not the worst image you can have permanently branded on your body. Sadly, nothing beats THIS.

Scarlett Johansson’s Street Cred = Zero Point Zero

Scarlett Johansson is either a really big fan of Lucky Brand Jeans, or doesn’t see the similarities between their signature “Lucky You” fly message (as in, you’re so lucky to be taking my pants off right now) and her new tattoo.

This you’re-so-lucky-to have-taken-off-my-shirt variation was given to ScarJo in France by some guy named Fuzi. It’s her third tattoo and second this year after the “I Heart NY” thing on her wrist.

The sun also rises, on her arm. Here’s a quote from her, in reference to filming a shower scene for Hitchcock:  Continue reading “Scarlett Johansson’s Street Cred = Zero Point Zero”

Rest In Peace, Bianca Romijn Stamos-O’Connell

Howard Stern and Beth Ostrosky Stern lost their beloved 10-year-old pet bulldog Bianca yesterday named partially after friends Rebecca, John and Jerry. They adopted her two years after they began dating, in 2002.

As a proud mother of two cats and one that I’m still not convinced is a feline (he may possibly be a small brown bulldog) and the former owner of two golden retrievers, I understand that losing your pets is one of the hardest things in life.

This is especially true for those of us who have chosen to not have children. Ostrosky, spokeswoman for North Shore Animal League, Tweeted“We lost our precious Bianca today. My sweet little girl, may you rest in peace. I love you forever.”  Continue reading “Rest In Peace, Bianca Romijn Stamos-O’Connell”