Gaga’s Engagement Ring is a Bloody Giant Heart

lady gaga ringJust Kidding.

Lady Gaga of the meat dress-having, singing-while-covered-in-blood and eating-designer-cakes-dripping-with-red-dye persuasion, did NOT receive anything crazy for her engagement, but she did get a completely normal heart-shaped ring from her boyfriend, television firefighter and werewolf Taylor Kinney, for Valentine’s.

Kidding again. Gaga’s ring isn’t normal, it’s huge and probably worth a million dollars. The biggest shock here is one of the following multiple choice options:

1.  You can buy a ring like this at almost any high-end jewelry store.
2. Nobody was hired to pry it from the cold dead fingers of Alexander McQueen
3. Gaga is marrying not only a human man from Earth, but a pretty regular guy






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Lady Gaga Might Be Dating Some CW Star

Lady Gaga has been romantically connected to Taylor Kinney  (the 30 year-old Vampire Diaries star) for the past few days. RadarOnline reports that Kinney and Gaga were spotted at a bar near his home on Sunday ‘making out.’

On Monday the two were seen walking along Mission Boulevard L.A., and celebrity birdwatchers sighted them one more time on Tuesday at the beach, destination unknown.

An onlooker at the bar fittingly known as The Sneak Joint, in Mission Viejo said, “I couldn’t tell it was her at first. It just looked like some hot couple making out, but then I realized it was Lady Gaga. Everyone went nuts…”

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