Ellie Goulding And Taylor Swift Are Getting Drunk Together While Everyone Else Drinks Tea

Ellie Goulding Taylor Swift Selena Gomez HaimDancing Man fan Ellie Goulding (really loving “Outside” and “Heavy Crown” right now), Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and members of the indie/rock group Haim had an epic all-celebrity girl tea party today, except someone wasn’t drinking tea.

Two someones, actually…

As you can see, Ellie and bestie/Taylor Swift, giggling in the corner and mowing down on some alcohol.

I wonder how Coke would feel about Taylor enjoying rum with their product?

Victoria Jackson Found a Way to Relate a ‘Million’ Abortions to Sandy Hook

Victoria Jackson american flagThe tragedy in Newtown has evoked sympathy from around the nation, and with that sympathy comes…. a few extremists who should be disallowed from opinion-sharing, like Westboro Baptist picketers, people who blamed the video game Mass Effect, Louie Gohmert, and Victoria Jackson.

Jackson, a former SNL alum, is now famous for sad but hilarious tea party rants like the one after Obama was re-elected, where she wrote that she couldn’t stop crying because “America died.” Also, Glee turns kids gay.

In her latest, and possibly craziest yet, she compares the child victims at Sandy Hook Elementary to aborted babies. From FacebookContinue reading “Victoria Jackson Found a Way to Relate a ‘Million’ Abortions to Sandy Hook”

Lil’ Wayne Says ‘Republicans Are Never Going To Like Us’

In an interview with Vibe Magazine, rapper Lil’ Wayne expressed his views of the Tea Party, Republicans in general and Obama.

“You learn from what the right-wing is doing and you take something from it…I feel like as a people the most that we can do is better ourselves and learn. Then look at yourself and ask ‘Am I the person they’re talking about or am I not?’

He added,

“You have to make the most of who you are because the Republicans are never going to like us.”

Weezy went on to say that the right-wing views and criticisms of Obama have much more to do with his race than his policies…

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