Team Breezy Floods Woman’s Feed With Death Threats After Chris Brown Leaves Twitter

News producer and comedy writer Jenny Johnson has never been shy about voicing her opinion, especially when it comes to violent asshole Chris Brown.

After an especially volatile personal exchange on Twitter with Brown (where he called her a “hoe” and a “bush pig,” told her to suck his dick and said he wanted to shit in her mouth and on her eye), he tucked his tail between his legs and deactivated his account.

Chris’s delusional fans, Team Breezy, responded exactly how you’d expect people who would probably list misogyny as their religion if they could define or spell it.

Johnson received death threats. Grammatically incorrect messages like “i want kill you!” and “let’s kill this bitch out !!” were most common. Continue reading “Team Breezy Floods Woman’s Feed With Death Threats After Chris Brown Leaves Twitter”

Whose Fans Have The Best Nickname?

Sometimes a fan is just a fan and other times, they’re, well, some god-awful name they were given or that they gave themselves.

It’s all the same kind of cancer.

Well, put your paws up, but not those paws. I’ve decided that Ke$ha‘s “Animals” win this game, but only because it’s the most fitting and least horrible name to say outloud

Worst has to be Courtney Stodden (Stoddenistas) for even thinking she’s cool enough to name her fans, and Chris Brown for having fans at all, especially female ones. That kind of stupidity deserves a rural county fair cow ribbon.

Let’s review all the options, and I’ll let you decide (comment below)  Continue reading “Whose Fans Have The Best Nickname?”

Did Chris Brown Just Compare Selling Drugs To Beating Rihanna?!

Oh no he motherfuckin’ didn’t (but yes, he actually did) Tweet on Tuesday that everyone imitates rappers who have sold drugs and that people can learn from their mistakes yet are unrightfully bombarded with day-to-day hatred?

WHAT? Seriously? Chris Brown, I hate you for a very good reason and I will never forgive you or think of you in a different light, especially since you continue to act like a punk.

I will always see a violent, cocky, talentless, immature little prick when I look at you.

That’s what happens when you hit a woman (who happens to be a successful and loved pop star) until her eyes swell shut.

Continue reading “Did Chris Brown Just Compare Selling Drugs To Beating Rihanna?!”