Who Has What It Takes To Win ‘The Voice?’

I became obsessed with The Voice last season, when the show was in its beta phase. When they didn’t anticipate enough rejections in the blind auditions, and cast members had to re-audition to fill spots.

The show is still flawed, battle rounds pit too good of foes against one another, causing people who might have won to go home early. Angie Johnson versus recently axed Cheesa was one of those times.

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Lindsey Pavao Is The Best Thing On ‘The Voice’

Besides the vinegar, water, fruit punch and bacon chemistry between judges Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Cee Lo and Christina Aguilera, the best thing on NBC’s The Voice so far is Lindsey Pavao and her rendition of Say Ahh” by Trey Songz.

Pavao has that classic Zooey D, Katy Perry, Lizzy Caplan look to her but with the side of her head shaved and a powerful but dreamy indie pop quality to her vocals.

Three of the four judges turned their chairs to express interest in her for their prospective teams (Adam passed) but ultimately team bacon bits won. Xtina told her,

“You have such a unique quality to your voice, and I don’t want to touch that…You’re awesome, you have a beautiful voice, a beautiful face – you inspire me If you grab my attention just by being you, I’m not gonna mess with that.”  Continue reading “Lindsey Pavao Is The Best Thing On ‘The Voice’”