Tegan and Sara Pose for the NOH8 Campaign

Tegan Quin noh8Indie/folk/pop group Tegan & Sara posed for the NOH8 campaign, created after the gay marriage ban in 2008 by celebrity photog Adam Bouska, who has been joined by Liza Minnelli, JWoww, Rex Lee, Pete Wentz and Emmy Rossum for previous shoots.

“Although we are Canadian, we have both vowed to remain unmarried in solidarity with the millions who don’t have the same rights as us around the world,” Tegan Quin, one-half of the identical, openly gay duo explained. “We hope that our voices (and in this case our photos) help raise awareness and assist in bringing equality to the masses.”

Aw. So amazing. I wish I could say that that’s why I’m not married, and that I don’t drive because the emissions are bad for the environment, and I eat tons of candy to save others from diabetes…
Tegan and sara noh8Sara Quin no h8

Sadly, I’m just another selfish witch who uses her minor powers for evil (h8ing Justin Bieber) and not good.

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Video: Morgan Page – “Body Work” Feat. Tegan & Sara

L.A. DJ Morgan Page has said that he always aims for big drums and beats that stick, “If the song doesn’t touch any emotions, it doesn’t leave the studio.” So what does “Body Work” emote?

It’s kind of like guests Tegan & Sara’s Sainthood track “The Cure” meets “D.A.N.C.E.” by Justice. T&S fans can (and will) rejoice in anything they do, especially this.  Continue reading “Video: Morgan Page – “Body Work” Feat. Tegan & Sara”